Thursday, 6 June 2013

How to Change/ Delete/ Lock/ Unlock/ Copy SAP Account & How to Change Password Of SAP Account

Deleting SAP Account (SU01)

Locking/Unlocking SAP Account (SU01)

Enter an existing user name and choose Lock/Unlock to grant or deny a user access to a system. Locking or unlocking a user master record takes effect the next time a user attempts to log on. Users who are logged on at the time that changes are made are not affected.
The system automatically locks users if twelve successive unsuccessful attempts are made to log on. The lock is recorded in the system log, along with the terminal ID of the machine where the logon attempt took place.
You can set the number of permissible unsuccessful logon attempts in a system profile parameter.
This automatic lock is released by the system at midnight. You can also remove the lock manually before this time. Locks that you specifically set yourself apply indefinitely until you release them.

Changing Password of SAP Account 

Enter the user name and choose Change password.
This new password must fulfill the standard conditions regarding permissible passwords.
The new password is effective immediately. If users forget their password, they can use the new one as soon as it has been set.
Users may change their passwords no more than once a day. System administrators, on the other hand, may change user passwords as often as necessary.
Copying an existing user (SU01)

Choose Copy. Enter the name of a reference user and the new user name.
You can specify whether you want to copy only some of the user data or all of it. On the following screen you can edit the new user master record as required.
You can also rename user master records if you simply want to replace one record with an identical one of a different name.

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