Wednesday, 5 June 2013

How to change profile parameter in SAP (RZ10) and (RZ11)

Step-by-step procedure: (Profile Parameter Change – RZ10)
  • Login to the SAP system
  • Hit the transaction code ‘RZ10′
  • Click Utilities and click import profiles
  • Click back (F3)
  • Place the cursor at profile and click f4
  • Double click on Default profile
  • Select the Extended maintenance and click change
  • Click Parameter (Create F5)
  • Place the cursor at parameter name and click F4
  • Click a small triangle shape which is available on top of the box
  • Type *login* and hit enter
  • Double click on ‘login/no_automatic_user_sapstar’ parameter or search for parameter which you want to change
  • Type the NEW parameter value
  • Click ‘Copy’ Tab and click back (F3)
  • Click ‘Copy’ Tab again to transfer The changed profile
  • Click Back (F3)
  • Click Save, Click back and Click Yes to activate the profile
  • Log out from the SAP system
  • Stop the SAP System (Server)
  • Start the SAP System (Server)

I think I have covered all the steps related to changing a profile parameter; you can validate changes in parameter value through T-Code RZ11 after system restart.

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