Thursday, 6 June 2013

How to creat User Group IN SAP ( SUGR )

Transaction code SUGR is used to create and maintain user groups in SAP system. The user groups commonly used to to categorize user into a common denominator, sort users into logical groups and allow segregation of user maintenance, this is especially useful in a large organization. User groups can categorized as two types,
Authorization user group : In conjunction with S_USER_GROUP authorization object. It allows to create security management authorization by user group. e.g. you can have a local security administrator only able to manage users in his groups, Help-Desk to reset password for all users except users in some group.
General user group : In conjunction with SUIM and SU10, to select all the users in a specific group. User can only be member of one authorization user group but several general user group.

enter the name of New User Group in SUGR and click on create

then enter to user id of people which you want to add in group

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