Friday, 21 June 2013

How to Put my own / Company logo in the SAP initial screen ( SMW0 & SM30 )

It is often required to personalize an SAP system for informational reasons  by uploading logo of SAP Project name or SAP system details etc. Usually this will be done after a new SAP system installation or after a system refresh activity.
Please find below process on how to update SAP splash screen:

Execute transaction "SMW0" and select “Binary data for WebRFC applications” as seen below

Click on highlighted button, which results in below screen

Maintain the MIME type (if you've not maintained yet) in menu 
Settings -> Maintain MIME types.
Create new MIME type as you wish, with the extension of the bitmap.
For example, if your picture is in JPEG type, you can create type “image/jpeg” with the extension of “*.jpg” and “*.jpeg”.
Then Click on execute button which results in below screen

Select the create button as shown above which results in below screen

In the above screen, please make sure you enter object name and its description. Please note the Object name should begin with Z to indicate this belongs to customer name range. Once these details are provided, please click on import button, which results in below screen

Please navigate and select the appropriate  .gif file (i.e. logo ) or any jpeg, jpg which you would like to personalize and  display. Once this is selected, it results in below screen.

Please click on highlighted “local object” button.

Once this activity is performed go to transaction "SM30" to maintain a table SSM_CUST

Select Green check which results in below screen.

As shown above, please set new value to the START_IMAGE and save. This will prompt for a transport request as below.

Select create button and please make sure to indicate this is splash screen related screen.

Now the splash screen updation settings are completed. Please log off from the SAP system and login again to view the personalized screen in the home page

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