Thursday, 6 June 2013

How to send popup / individual message to a specific user in SAP ( SE37 )

There is a very interesting function module, with the help of which you can send the pop up messages to the users/friends who are logged into the SAP system.
The interesting function module name is ‘TH_POPUP’.
For this you and your friend should be logged on into the SAP system and you must know the SAP user id of your friend to whom you are going to send the message.


1.     Go to transaction SE37 and enter the function module name TH_POPUP.

2.     Pass the client, user name and the message which you want to send and execute the function module.

Output :
The pop up will appear to the user/friend’s SAP system

Note - if user has logged on multiple systems then the message will be sent to multiple systems.

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