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SAP Post Installation Steps

Post Installation Steps

After Installing R/3 into a new system, Basis has to perform some post Installation steps before handing over to end users for operation. Post Installation steps make sure that System is ready, properly configured, Tuned and take load of user requests.

Below are some standard steps which has to perform immediately after the installation is finished.

  • Login to SAP system using DDIC/000

  • Execute SICK/ SM28 to check for any Installation error , If anything is reported then trouble shoot those errors.

  • Apply SAP license through SLICENSE

  • Execute SE06 , Select Standard Installation and click on execute Perform Post Installation Steps. Click yes on each next screen.

  • Execute STMS , to configure TMS configuration system. If there is no Domain controller in organization then configure this new system as DC.  
   Transport Management System ( TMS ) Configuration In SAP Step By Step With Snap Shots

  • Login as SAP*/000

  • Execute RZ10 -> Utilities -> Import profiles -> Of Active Servers

  • check the system log in SM21

  • Check any dumps in ST22
Common ABAP Dumps (ST22) and troubleshooting in SAP 

  • Execute SCC4 -> Click on change button -> Confirm the warning and click on new entries to create a new client.
 Client Creation (SCC4) & Logical system(BD54) in SAP  

  • login to new client to perform a client copy using SAP*/<new client number>/PASS
Which are Client Copy Methods In SAP  

  • Set your default client in SAP
How to Define Default Client in SAP 

  • Make changes to dialog process and background if you need to change than default one.
Profile parameters to increase/decrease the number of workprocesses 

  • Define operation mode through RZ04 & SM63
How to setup operation modes in SAP ( RZ04 & SM63 ) 

  • Create one or two super users using SU01 with profiles SAP_ALL and SAP_NEW
Creating a SAP Account / User Creation in SAP (SU01)  

  • printer configuration (if required ) 

  • Schedule SAP Standard Background jobs through SM36
How to schedule standard jobs in SAP 

  • Configure Web GUI
 SAP Web Gui Configuration Step By Step With Snap Shots 
  • Display your company logo on initial screen of SAP
How to Put my own / Company logo in the SAP initial screen ( SMW0 & SM30 )   
  • Disable import all option (this depends on organizations requirement ) 
How to disable Import All option from STMS in SAP 
  • Give protection to special users
How To Protect Special Users In SAP  

  • Stop and Start SAP R/3 for profile parameter to be in effect.

  • Upgrade the kernel to the latest level

  • Upgrade the SPAM version to latest level

Now system is ready to login and work for developers and administrator

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