Friday, 7 June 2013

Transport Management System ( TMS ) Configuration In SAP Step By Step With Snap Shots

I have 3 systems Production(SLP) Quality(SLQ) & Development (SLD) step by step i will tell you how to configure TMS for them

 Step 1- assign transport domain here I am assigning SLP as transport domain Goto T-Code STMS

Step 2- you will get popup, enter details as shown in below image in both boxes domain is SLP and then press Save

Step 3- you will get below screen after saving then press System Overview

Step 4- Click on update configuration 

Step 5- Click on Distribute & activate configuration

Step 6- select first option &click on Green tick

Step 7- Now Go to anther system which is Quality (SLQ) and hit STMS in SLQ elow popup will come their

Step 8-Click on other configuration

Step 9- enter target host as oup domain controller which is SLP in my case

Step 10- Click on Save

Step 11- you will get below screen with below message

Step 12- Now again goto STMS of SLP which is our domain controller to approve newly added system (SLQ)

Step 13- Click on system overview

Step 14- you will find newly added system which is SLQ in my case

Step 14- Click on newly added system and press approve

Step 15- Click on YES

Step 17- Click on Green tick

Step 18- you will find same status for both

Step 19- you will find same status for both means system is added successfully to transport domain

Repeat Step 7 to Step 18 to add third system which is SLD in my case

you will find below 3 system in System overview of SLP (Transport Domain ) after adding 3rd system (SLD)

Creating Transport Routes For TMS

Step 20- in transport domain controller  (SLP) Click on Transport Routes

Step 21-Click on Display Change

Step 22-Click on Change

Step 23-Click on Transport route editor

Step 24-Click on Hierarchical list editor and press enter

Step 25-you will find below screen

Step 26-Click on Display Change

Step 27-Click on Change

Step 28-Droll down Transport Layer by clicking on + mark

Step 29-Click on right click on transport layers and select create option

Step 30-enter transport layer name and description,  transport layer name should start with Z

Step 31- then right Click on transport route and select create option

Step 32-Select Consolidation and enter Development(SLD) & quality system (SLQ) and layer(ZABC) then click on green tick

Step 33-you can see both systems are added

Step 34-again right click on transport route and select create

Step 35-this time click on select delivery and enter quality (SLQ) and production (SLP) system and click on green tick

Step 36-you can see all 3 systems in transport route; now click on SAVE

Step 37-Give short description and enter

Step 38-Distribute & activate configuration

Step 39-your TMS is created & activate ENjoy transpoting NOW !!!


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