Thursday, 6 June 2013

What are the Standard jobs in SAP

SAP_CCMS_MONI_BATCH_DP : Internally this job runs
RSAL_BATCH_TOOL_DISPATCHING report. This job dispatches monitoring architecture methods

SAP_COLLECTOR_FOR_JOBSTATISTIC : Internally this job runs RSBPCOLL report. This job generates run time statistics for background jobs

SAP_COLLECTOR_FOR_PERFMONITOR : Internally this job runs RSCOLL00 report. This job collects data for the performance monitor

SAP_COLLECTOR_FOR_NONE_R3_STAT : Internally this job runs RSN3_STAT_COLLECTOR report. This job will collect non-abap statistic data (Distributed Statistic Records - DSR)

 SAP_REORG_ABAP_DUMPS : Internally this job runs RSSNAPDL report. This job cleans up old abap short dumps

SAP_REORG_BATCH_INPUT : Internally this job runs RSBDCREO report. This job cleans up old batch input sessions

SAP_REORG_JOBS : Internally this job runs RSBTCDEL report. This job cleans up old background jobs

SAP_REORG_JOBSTATIC :  Internally this job runs RSBPSTDE report. This job cleans up old data from the run time statistics of the jobs

SAP_REORG_ORPHANED_JOBLOGS : Internally this job runs RSTS0024 report. This job cleans up orphaned job logs. The logs that cannot be deleted by RSBTCDEL report (i.e SAP_REORG_JOBS), remains as orphans which will be deleted by this job.

SAP_REORG_SPOOL : This job internally runs RSPO0041 report. This job deletes old spool data

SAP_REORG_XMILOG : This job internally runs RSXMILOGREORG. This job deletes XMI logs

SAP_SOAP_RUNTIME_MANAGEMENT : This job internally runs RSWSMANAGEMENT report. This job does the SOAP runtime monitoring

SAP_REORG_UPDATERECORDS : This job internally runs RSM13002 report and this deletes old update records

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