Thursday, 6 June 2013

What are status of background jobs in SAP

Possible status of background jobs

  1. Scheduled:- You have defined the program name and variant  but not defined start condition like Start Date, End Date , Frequency etc. That means you have not defined when job should be scheduled in system.
  2. Released:- All required criteria are fulfilled for job definition. Start condition is must for the job to be in release status.
  3. Ready:- All the required conditions are met to run the job in a background workprocess. But job scheduler has put the job in the queue because it is waiting for background workprocess to be free.
  4. Active:- Job has started running in the background. We cannot change the status of the job once it is  in Active status.
  5. Finished:- Job is executed successfully. It means desired task is competed without any error.
  6. Cancelled:- There are two possibilities for this. Administrator has forcefully cancelled the job or there might be some issue with job. You can investigate this from Job logs.

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