Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Printer (Spool) Troubleshooting in SAP & Common errors in SAP Spool Administration

Trouble shooting Printer:

1)Ping the printer
2) Fire the test print from SAP
Lpstart –a
Eg :-lpstart –a zgam

Lpstart –o zgam (Will get the print jobs are accessing)

Hpnadmin (ip address of printer)

Rsp0041:- To delete the old spool requests

Common errors:
If after cleanup and you encounter one of these errors:

B. spool overflow (assume you have not adjust max spool number before)
C. ...no more free spool request numbers...

SAP note 48284 mentioned that change:

1. In Client 000, execute transaction SNRO -Number Range button - Interval. Default numbering range is 100 - 32,000 (which can print up to 31,900 requests)
To do this:
Transaction SNRO > Table SPO_NUM > Number Ranges (button) > Modify > change the max limit to desired number.

What is spool overflow ( SPAD, RZ20 & SNRO )

2. Define profile parameter rspo/spool_id/max_number up to 2^31
3. Define rspo/spool_id/loopbreak to same value as above. This is optional.

We don't see a need to have more than 31,900. Well if this happens, do the things above.

Indirectly, database table size going to grow to few GB, and indirectly slowing down all print request, as well as unnecessary database size

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