Friday, 12 July 2013

Types of SAP Upgrades

SAP has three main types of upgrade.

Technical Upgrade: Considered to be the fastest upgrade which does not disturb any of the existing business processes.

Functional Upgrade: This upgrade starts with a technical upgrade, mentioned above. A functional upgrade allows new functionality to be implemented as part of the upgrade project. This upgrade type also provides you with the ability to convert many of the custom process into standard functionality.

Strategic Upgrade: This is driven by enterprise SOA to provide more flexibility to business process innovation.

Technical Upgrade vs Functional Upgrade :

As the name implies, technical upgrade only upgrades the software to the latest version and the new functionalities that come with the new version are
not activated or implemented. Whereas in a functional upgrade, the functionalities offered by the new SAP version are also implemented in addition
to technically upgrading the software.

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