Tuesday, 9 July 2013

What is Spool Administration In SAP

It is used to output the document to a printer, fax, email and SMS etc.
It is only the process which is used to display the documents before they get printed.
Once a spool request is generated in the system, It can be printed to any printer with n no of copies, at any time.
Where as normal printing, the document will not be available once it is printed.
We can change the output format at any time.

work process used for spool administration is

It is used to print the documents to a printer or output to a fax machine etc. There should be atleast 1 Spool process in the entire system. It is also possible to configure more spool process depending on the print/ spool volume

The spool process are configured by parameter ‘RDISP/WP_NO_SPO’
Depending on the resources as many no of spool processes can be configured.

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