Wednesday, 23 May 2018

Installation of Languages on SAP systems

Go to transaction I18N and from the list choose I18N Customizing -> I18N Customizing -> I18N System Configuration.
Here, inside NLS Setting Maintenance, insert the data for language you are going to install. Afterwards click on “Simulate” icon. Example:
If you are installing the Arabic language choose Arabic and click on Add.
Click on Simulate to find the new entry for parameter zcsa/installed_languages 
Current parameter Value: DE [Before Arabic language installation]
In this example only instance parameter has to be update with new language ADE  (followed by restart). 
Maintain the new entry for parameter zcsa/installed_languages
Save and activate the new value and take the restart of the Application.
When system is up, run again transaction I18N and from the list choose I18N Customizing -> I18N Customizing -> I18N System Configuration.
Now select the language, click on “Activate” icon and you will see the activation log which should be successful now. 
Click on  Yes to continue, Below screen will display
Language installation
Classify language
Run transaction SMLT and click on “Language” icon in top left corner. 
In the new pop-up window insert the data for new language classification.
Confirm the changes. 
Main language import
Now select the language you have just classified and from the top menu choose Language -> Import Package (or click on the package icon, or press Shift+F6).
Specify the Trans directory and then execute[ You can able to see the log information in that trans under logs & Temp folder]
Click Yes.
The job has been schedule
From transaction SMLT you can monitor the import process and check the import logs too.
Click on the log to check the status of transport import.
Once it is done the status will be changes.

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